Gazetted instruments

The most formal regulatory instruments are either made by being published in the South Australian Government Gazette or are required to be published in the Gazette after they are made. This page gives access to the Authority's "good" copy of notices prescribing or varying codes of practice, criteria, processes and principles, of rules made under statute, of statutory recognitions and of statutory approvals, where publication in the Gazette is a formal requirement.

Since 2013, all gazette notices—regardless of the statute under which they are made—have been numbered in a series prefixed with "GR" (for gambling regulation notice). This has been done because the key authorising provisions allow one notice to operate under multiple pieces of legislation. In earlier years, different series were used depending on the statutory function being performed. Changes to the laws under which the Authority perfoms its functions have increased the use of gazetted notices over time.

Please note that the documents in this section disclose point-in-time activity and the relevant background information. They do not include information about subsequent variations to, or revocatons of, notices. For that information, and the current state of regulatory requirements, consult the current regulatory instruments page.

Gazetted instruments are arranged in chronological blocks.