Regulatory Documents

This section presents current and historical information about the documents for which the Authority is responsible and through which its performs key regulatory functions. The most signficiant of these documents are the mandatory advertising and responsible gambling codes of practice, which have ben prescribed in the Gambling Codes of Practice Notice 2013. However, the Authority has also prescribed criteria under which it will recognise certain training and systems, a process and principles for the granting of social effect certificates and rules for the conduct of licensed bookmaking businesses. In addition, the Authority approves betting contingencies, grants dispensations and approves management plans, as well as providing for guidance on certain aspects of regulation.

To find out what the rules are today, go to the current regulatory instruments page. To see the development of the rules today through the instruments which set them out, visited the Gazetted instruments page. Management Plans and Dispensations have their own page, as does the guidance.

This website does not publish the South Australian legislation under which the Authority is authorised to undertake its work. That is done at That legislation is:

Authorised Betting Operations Act 2000

Casino Act 1997

Gaming Machines Act 1992

Independent Gambling Authority Act 1995

Problem Gambling Family Protection Orders Act 2004

Racing (Proprietary Business Licensing) Act 2000

State Lotteries Act 1966