Form Number


Approved for

IBO Notice of Intention to Conduct Betting Operations in South Australia  
VBA Request for voluntary barring    
3BA  Request for involuntary barring (third party)  
VBY Addendum—Application for barring    
VBR Application for revocation of barring  
UBA Universal barring form For use by gambling providers
PRA Application for proprietary racing business licence Racing (Proprietary Business Licensing) Act 2001
PHD Personal History Disclosure Use with PRA
PHS Personal History (Short Form) Authorised Betting Operations Act 2000
CHD Corporate History Disclosure Use with PRA
MJA Multi Jurisdictional Application Substitute for PHS and PHD
MJB Multi Jurisdictional Application (including Victoria and Queensland) Substitute for PHS and PHD
CAF Application for approval as a close associate of a licensee Independent Gambling Authority Act 1995