Family Protection Orders

Under the Problem Gambling Family Protection Orders Act 2004, a family member (for example: a spouse, domestic partner or child) of a gambler who is affected by the gambler's gambling problem can make a complaint to the Independent Gambling Authority to address welfare issues caused by or likely to arise from the gambling. (In certain circumstances, the Authority may receive a complaint on behalf of the family from a person who is not a family member.)

In making family protection orders, the Authority has the power to bar the gambler from gambling actuivities and places, to require the gambler to attend counselling, to require the gambler's employer to pay earnings to a third party, etc. The Authority will not usually make any orders unless the gambler has consented to them or until the Authority has conducted a hearing into the complaint.

To work out whether you are able to make a complaint and to help decide whether you want to, senior staff of the Authority are available to talk about the scheme. Please telephone (08) 8226 7233.

If you wish to make a complaint under the scheme, the first step is an interview to complete (and sign) the form in an appointment with a staff member. (The PGA form that you will be asked to complete at the interview is available here).

You will need to telephone (08) 8226 7233 to arrange an appointment.

You are able to bring a friend or counsellor along to attend the appointment and give you support.

Information about how hearings under the scheme are conducted can be found here.