Research and reports

Australasian Gambling Review

The Australasian Gambling Review (AGR) outlines recent gambling research carried out in Australia and New Zealand. It includes research drawn from journal articles, academic books, government and consultancy reports, conferences and student theses.  

Australasian Gambling Review - 5th Edition

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Research and reports


Wagering and EGM gambling

Automated Risk Monitoring (ARM): Adelaide Casino System - Updated with an Erratum (19 January 2018)


Mandatory warning message - evaluative research report of advertising and responsible gambling codes of practice


From adolescent to adult gambling - an analysis of longitudinal gambling patterns in South  Australia 

Inpatient treatment programme review - Statewide Gambling Therapy Service


Naltrexone feasibility, acceptability and preliminary effectiveness study

Clinical assessment of problem gamblers identified using the Canadian Problem Gambling Index

Connections between problem gambling and criminal activity - OARS


Social Impacts of Gambling: A Comparative Study


The relevance and role of gaming machine games and game features on the play of problem gamblers


Crime and problem gambling in South Australia - Independent Gambling Authority

Evaluation research project - final report to the Independent Gambling Authority

Adolescent gambling in South Australia

Review 2006 - Regulatory Functions (Codes of practice, game approval guidelines and gaming machine licensing guidelines)


Inquiry into allegation of betting with a child

Annual reports

The IGA reports annually to the Minister for Consumer and Business Services and the Minister for Racing. Annual reports are published online once they have been tabled in parliament. 

Annual Report 2017-18

Annual Report 2016-17

Annual report 2015-16 Vols 1 and 2

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