Betting contingencies

The Independent Gambling Authority (IGA) must authorise the bet 'type' and approved 'event' before a bet can be legally made. This is called an approved contingency.

Approved contingencies notice 2016 Version 1 as at 16 June 2016

Guidelines for approval of betting contingencies

Bookmakers' rules

People who take bets as part of their eimployment at races and other venues must adhere to the Bookmakers Licensing Rules 2000. 

Bookmakers Licensing Rules 2000 Version 15 as at 1 March 2009

Account based and responsible gambling systems

GR Systems criteria prescription notice Version 1 as at 1 August 2015

Social effect inquiry

Social effects inquiry process and principles - Gaming machines prescription notice 2011  as at 22 Aug 2014

Recognition notices

Check the list below for recognition notices and previous versions of documents.

For documents dated before 2013, access Archive - Regulations.