Recognition of industry bodies extended by 12 months

26 May 2016

Club Safe and Gaming Care are industry bodies recognised under section 10B of the Gaming Machines Act 1992 for the purposes of the responsible gambling agreement scheme referred to in the Act and in the codes of practice.

Initially regulated as approved intervention agencies under the codes of practice, their role was given a statutory setting in changes to legislation made on 1 June 2011. On that day, each was formally recognised for a 5 year period. Noting that the currently pending social effect certificate process has featured submissions on the role and function of these bodies (see the item below—Deferral of 5 year review—social effect inquiry process and principles, 25 May 2016), the Authority has determined to defer a comprehensive renewal process in step with its deferral of the 5 year review.

The Authority has regular and constructive engagement with both bodies at both operational and executive levels. While periodic review and renewal is important, this deferral will not diminish the efficacy of the approved intervention agency initiative (which was comprehensively canvassed, and affirmed, in the 2011–13 codes of practice review).