Interstate betting operators

Starting operations in South Australia

Interstate betting operators must notify Consumer and Business Services (CBS) that they intend to operate in South Australia (SA).

Consumer and Business Services (CBS)

List of current authorised interstate betting operators - CBS

Annual reporting

You must provide details of your betting operations in SA to the Independent Gambling Authority (IGA) every year.

The annual return form outlines the requirements in more detail but you will need:

  • information about how bets are made
  • details about your licence and people who are in positions of responsibility
  • statistics regarding pre-commitments 
  • financial information about your betting operations in SA

By law, you must provide all information that is requested.

Lodge your annual return

1. Complete the form and attach any additional information.
    Annual return by authorised interstate betting operator – IBA form 

2. Lodge your annual return by post or email:

    Post Office Box 67
    Rundle Mall
    South Australia 5000


Systems and Procedures Designed to Prevent Betting by Children

These requirements are prescribed under section 6A(1)(c) of the Authorised Betting Operations Act 2000 as the code for the purposes of section 62A of that Act.

Requirements for Systems and Procedures Designed to Prevent Betting by Children

Ceasing operations in South Australia

You must still complete the current annual return if you have stopped operating in South Australia during the year.

Contact the IGA

Contact us if you have questions relating to your annual return.