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Voluntary barring

You can ask a gambling provider or the Independent Gambling Authority (IGA) to bar you from gambling or from entering an area where gambling takes place. This can include the casino, in hotels and clubs with gaming machines, betting on racing and sport and commercial lotteries.

Ask what areas will be included in the order. You may still be able to visit the venue without breaking the law – eg you may be able to have a meal at your local hotel, but you can't enter the gaming room or place a bet on racing.

Gambling providers can bar someone from gambling for three months. They can bar you if they feel you could suffer harm or cause harm to family members because of gambling. They can also bar you if you request it.

The provider must report their decision to the IGA who will review it and interview you. This can help you access other services such as counselling. IGA barring orders last for up to three years and can be extended.

You can also contact the IGA directly and ask to be barred from gambling.

Barring interviews

The IGA will contact you and ask you to attend an interview with a senior staff member. At the interview you can discuss:

  • your circumstances
  • the details of your gambling
  • what barring involves
  • the best ways to help you take back control.

The interview takes about 45 minutes and your photograph is taken to help the relevant venues identify you. A support person can come with you to the interview.

You and the person interviewing you will fill out the following forms together:

VBA - request for voluntary barring form

VBY - application for barring - addendum 


Barring interviews are usually held at the IGA offices. People living outside the Adelaide metropolitan area can ask to be interviewed over the phone.

Independent Gambling Authority
Level 4
45 Grenfell Street
Adelaide SA 5000

What happens next

The IGA allow a three-day ‘cooling off’ period after the interview. This gives you time to think about your decision and change your mind if you are unsure.

After the ‘cooling off’ period, all the information is considered and you will receive a letter advising of the decision. A notice is also sent to the relevant venues if the barring order is made.

The order will be legally binding for at least of six months and you will be breaking the law if you don’t obey it.

Cancel a voluntary barring

You can ask the IGA to cancel a barring order after the minimum amount of time written in the order – usually six months.

VBR - cancel a voluntary barring order

Contact the IGA

Contact the IGA to arrange an interview or to find about more about the barring process.

Related information

Visit the Problem Gambling website to find other gambling help services. Voluntary barring is just one way to help you take back control.