Family protection orders

Family protection orders can help families by placing restrictions on a person who has a gambling problem. The Independent Gambling Authority (IGA) can place an order to:

  • bar someone from gambling activities and particular venues
  • compel someone to attend counselling
  • have wages paid directly to a family member or into a specific account.

Who can apply

You can apply for an order if you are a family member who is in the person's care or control or living with them – eg current or former spouse, domestic partner and children below the age of 18.

Other people can apply on the family’s behalf and these applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply

  1. Phone us on 8226 7233 to discuss your options. We will make an appointment for a staff member to help you fill out and submit your complaint form.
    Complaint under Problem Gambling Family Protection Orders Act - form 
  2. Bring any evidence you have to support your case to the appointment.

You can bring a friend or counsellor to the appointment for support.

What happens next

If the person with the gambling problem agrees, an order can be placed without a hearing. If they don't agree, the IGA will conduct a hearing into the need for the order and you will be given the chance to explain the problem and how it affects you.

Visit Barring hearings to find out what happens at a hearing