Deferral of 5 year review—social effect inquiry process and principles

25 May 2016

The Authority has formally commenced and deferred a statutory review of the inquiry process and principles prescribed for the purposes of the social effect certificate application process under the Gaming Machines Act 1992.

Application for a social effect certificate is the first step in process by which gaming machines can be licensed in hotel or club premises. If a social effect certificate is granted, the applicant then applies for a premises certificate which sets out how the completed premises will address the integrity and operational requirements of the regulatory regime. Once the premises have been altered or built to conform with the premises certificate, a gaming machine licence wil be granted.

The prescribed inquiry process guides the discovery activities which precede the making of the application and the prescribed principles guide the making of the decision. So far, one application has been made for a social effect certificate. A decision has not yet been made.

Section 10A of the Gaming Machines Act, under which the process and principles are prescribed, requires the Authority to undertake a review—with public consultation—every 5 years.

The Authority has determined that it will not commence substantial work on the review until after the pending applications for a social effect certificate has been resolved. It will receive, and hold, any representations made now. The Authority has also deferred its consideration of the form of the responsible gambling agreement prescribed under the Gaming Machines Act as the application process has included submissions about the role of industry bodies under the agreement.