Changes coming in on 1 July 2016

30 June 2016

For casino and gaming stakeholders, the Office for Problem Gambling has advised of the approval of new campaign material (relevant to the in-venue messaging obligations) to be additional material for display. The formal approval starts on 1 July 2016 and distribution will be via the usual channels. A sample of the material is here. OPG has also confirmed continuation of the present multilingual sign.

The Gambling Codes of Practice Notice 2013 will be republished on 1 July 2016, incorporating variations made to the account based gambling rules for wagering and public lotteries, and additional rules for the extension of credit to account holders (where the licensee is permitted to offer credit). As with all changes to the codes of practice, gambling providers who are not ready should immediately request a tramsitional dispensation.

The account gambling changes are quite significant, and gambling providers which have not yet considered their implications need to do so as a matter of urgency.

There is also a minor change to the obligations of the casino licensee with respect to training.

The Gambling Codes of Practice Notice 2013 will next be updated for the pending predictive monitoring changes, which commence on 1 October 2016.