Betting contingencies—approvals republished

17 June 2016

Under South Australian law, wagering providers (whether licensed in this State or operating as authorised interstate betting operators) may take bets on races conducted by licensed racing clubs and on contingencies approved by the Independent Gambling Authority under section 4 of the Authorised Betting Operations Act 2000. The Authority has now remade the contingency approvals in an instrument titled the Approved Betting Contingencies Notice 2016

There is also an explanatory memorandum available on the 2016 gazettals page.

The key features of this notice are that it brings together all of the approvals (previously in four instruments), that it brings in various bet types approved in principle but not formalised and that nothing has been omitted from any of the past notices, although the opportunity has been taken to restructure some of the sections.

The key compliance issue for wagering providers is to ensure that bets are only being taken in relation to approved contingencies (or races conducted by licensed racing clubs). Anything not covered is not allowed and, therefore, unlawful gambling.

The Authority will be undertaking furether work on bet types during 2016.