Bar someone from gambling

You can help people with a gambling problem by initiating a barring order. This can restrict them from gambling or entering an specific area of a venue where gambling takes place. Orders are legally binding and can stop people from:

  • gambling at the casino
  • entering areas in hotels and clubs with gaming machines
  • betting on the races or sport
  • buying commercial lottery tickets.

Who can request an order

People who initiate a barring order can be a family member, a friend, or anyone who is concerned about the person’s gambling behaviour. Contact the IGA directly or visit the gambling venue where the person regularly visits to initiate an order. You don’t need to have the person’s permission to seek a barring order.

Gambling providers can also bar someone with a gambling problem. 

How to request an IGA order

  1. Fill in the request form 
    3BA - request for involuntary barring - form
  2. Include the addendum with your request if you need to include more than three venues.
    Addendum - request for voluntary barring
  3. Submit the request to the IGA
    In person
    Independent Gambling Authority
    Level 4
    45 Grenfell Street

    By post
    Independent Gambling Authority
    PO Box 67
    Rundle Mall SA 5000

Contact us if you prefer to make an appointment to speak with someone or you need help filling in the forms.

Gambling providers 

Gambling providers can bar a person from specific areas of their venue and from gambling activities. A barring order by a venue lasts for three months.Providers can bar a gambler if they feel the person could suffer harm or cause harm to their faimly because of problem gambling. Provers can also bar a gambler if the person requests it.

Providers must notify us of a decision to bar someone so it can be reviewed. Then, an IGA barring order may be made once it is assessed. An IGA barring order can last for up to three years.

Bar a person using the Barring and Employee Notification System - BOEN.

What happens next

Directions hearing

When you ask for a barring order, we will arrange a conference phone call between you, the person with the gambling problem and a senior member of our staff. This is called a directions hearing and is used to gather information and discuss in more detail:

  • how the barring order came about
  • the best ways to help the person take back control.

If everyone agrees, the order can be made through the voluntary barring process and a hearing isn't needed. If people don’t agree, we will call a hearing and at least two IGA Board Members will be asked to decide.

Find out more about hearings