The Barring and Online Employee Notification system is used by both the Authority and gambling providers to manage barring orders. Because the poeople who work in hotel and club gaming machine venues are also the same people who need to sign on to BOEN, it is also used to notify their employment status to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner. (The notification process replaced the old approval and badging process on 1 July 2014.)

This page has forms and instructions which are useful for venue staff.

Barring process

This is the "how to" document for notifying a venue barring.

Venues are not required to use paper forms to load orders on BOEN. A form of barring order to use to notify the barred person of the order has been developed by Gaming Care and Club Safe.

Employee notification process

This is the "how to" document for Notifying a new employee.

This is the form the venue needs to complete with the employee to authorise the venue to search the system for the person—Form 21. It is illegal to enter a person's name in the search fields for gaming employees without having a signed form.

Notifying a new employee can only be done by a venue administrator. The Authority strongly recommends that venues have at least 2 administrators (to cover leave, unexpected absences and unexpected departures). Venue administrators must have an agreement with the licensee and the Authority created by signing a Form 1G, and then loading it onto the system when the administrator's access is done.

Where is BOEN?

This link takes you to the venue system for BOEN.

If you forget your password, click on the "Forgot password" link to be sent an email with a new one. Don't keep trying with the wrong password—you will be locked out!

Online and offline

The idea of BOEN is that almost everything can be done online. Apart from needing a signed Form 21 to search BOEN to put on a new employee and a signed Form 1G to create an administrator, everything can be done without completing forms.

However, if the system is not available, it is possible to do things manually. A UBA form can be used to notify a barring offline and a Form 22 can be used to notify a new employee. These need to be posted in if they are used. Similarly, while employees can log on an change their own personal details (such as when they move address), Form 23 can be used to request manual loading of changes of details.