About Us

The Independent Gambling Authority is the senior South Australian regulator for commercial forms of gambling.

These include casino gambling, gaming machines in hotels and clubs, wagering on races and sports, and commercial lotteries. The Authority exercises functions and powers under the legislation relevant to these forms of gambling.

The Authority is a body corporate, and its constitution, functions and powers are set out in the Independent Gambling Authority Act 1995.

The members of the Authority are appointed by the South Australian State Government. The Authority is required to perform its functions independently of Ministerial direction. The Authority is accountable to Parliament through the its Minister.


Responsible gambling

The Authority’s statutory charter includes dealing with the impact on the community of commercial gambling.

As part of this, the Authority is responsible for mandatory advertising and responsible gambling codes of practice. There are codes of practice for Skycity Adelaide, hotels and clubs with gaming machines, Ubet SA, licensed racing clubs, auhtoised interstate betting operators, licensed bookmakers and SA Lotteries. These codes are prescribed in the Gambling Codes of Practice Notice 2013.

The Authority administers a state-wide gambling barring scheme and is the responsible body for the problem gambling family protection orders scheme.

Under its research charter, the Authority has commissioned several research projects, including but not limited to: evaluative research to examine the impact of the advertising and responsible gambling codes of practice; annual updates of a literature review of gambling research; an economic impacts study; a study into the relevance and role of games and game features on the play of problem gamblers; and research to inform inquiries (assigned by the Minister for gambling) that have been conducted in relation to gaming machine numbers.

From time to time the Authority is assigned various tasks by the Minister or the Parliament. These have included an Inquiry into the management of gaming machine numbers, a study of the relationship between crime and problem gambling; an inquiry into the effectiveness of Government funded gambling rehabilitation services; and an inquiry into smart card technology.

The Authority has a general obligation to take responsible gambling issues into account when making regulatory decisions.

Regulation and supervision

The Authority’s regulatory and supervisory role is to ensure that an effective and efficient system of supervision is established and maintained over the operations of the licensed gambling industry in South Australia—this relates to the operations in the casino, gaming machines in hotels and clubs and wagering on races and other events (Ubet SA, licensed racing clubs and licensed bookmakers and authorised interstate betting operators).

The Authority works closely with Consumer and Business Services. CBS is the agency which supports the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, the other statutory regulator. The Commissioner is responsible for day-to-day compliance and enforcement and compliance issues and for granting licences for gaming machine businesses, bookmaker operations and the employees who work in casino and gaming machine businesses.

The Liquor and Gambling Commissioner is responsible to the Authority for the constant scrutiny of licensed gambling businesses.


Members and staff of the Authority

The members of the Authority are:

Alan Moss
presiding member since 1 October 2007—appointed to 3 October 2015
Alan Moss is a retired Judge of the District Court of South Australia. He is presently an auxiliary Judge of the District Court.

Penny Kaempf
member and deputy to the presiding member since 28 August 2010—appointed to 4 September 2016
Penny Kaempf is retired from legal practice and continues as member of the Law Society Litigation Assistance Fund.

Eve Barratt
member since 11 April 2013—appointed to 30 June 2017
Eve Barratt is the chief executive of Lifeline South East.

Amanda Blair
member since28 August 2010—appointed to 4 September 2016
Amanda Blair is a columnist and media presenter, and is a consultant to a number of government and private organisations.

Adrian Tisato
member since 1 October 2010—appointed to 30 September 2016
Adrian Tisato is a practising lawyer in Adelaide.

Joe Ullianich
member since 9 July 2015—appointed to 8 October 2017
Joe Ullianich is the retired chief financial officer of the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

Margaret Wallace
member since 13 February 2003—appointed to 30 April 2017
Margaret Wallace is a private consultant. Prior to opening her consulting business she was a senior executive of the state education system.


The relevant South Australian gambling acts, listed below, can be viewed on line at www.legislation.sa.gov.au:

  • Authorised Betting Operations Act 2000, Casino Act 1997, Gaming Machines Act 1992, Independent Gambling Authority Act 1995, Problem Gambling Family Protection Orders Act 2004, Racing (Proprietary Business Licensing) Act 2000, State Lotteries Act 1966.

This website includes Regulatory Documents made by the Authority.

Ministerial responsibility

The Authority is responsible to the Minister for Consumer and Business Services, Hon. John Rau MP.